A proposal of attention to Domestic Violence



Orientación Familiar Letechipía A.C. is born in 1989 from the entrails of the marginal communities of Colima, Villa de Álvarez and Coquimatlán, pertaining to the State of Colima, Mexico. From an exhaustive observation and detection of the complex problematic lived by families in these regions, such as couple conflicts, family dysfunction, child abuse, youths with behavior problems, low efficiency and school desertion, gangsterism, drug addiction (in children, adolescents, youths and adults), management of suicidal ideas (also in children, adolescent, youths and adults), suicide attempts, sexual abuse, infantile and family mothers prostitution, teenage pregnancy, sexual transmitted diseases, child offenders, delinquency, family disintegration, among others.


Such devastating panorama, led us to the following question, to which we have tried to give answer during the creation and development of our work:


- How to transform form a traditionally conflicting life to another that questions and offers alternatives of solution to the family problematic of the marginal communities?


- How to utilize the human resources designated to the marginal communities, assuming that the way to interpret the reality of this sector of the population must be the departure point of any other action?


- How to solve the coverage problem working, with minimal human resources, ensuring a service of quality?


Although the investigations concerning to the development of the family are one of the greatest contributions of psychology to the family problematic, and have contributed to generate innovating methodologies, we can affirm -without fear of being mistaken- that only a few studies have boarded the marginal families with actual concern of their own reality. Understanding it as a space in which it is not possible to separate the biological/psychological elements of the social and cultural ones.


Orientación Familiar Letechipía A.C. offers a strategy which uses its own investigation/action methodology, in development since 1989, jointly with family parents and their children of all ages in uniparental, nuclear and extensive families of the marginal communities of Colima, Villa de Álvarez and Coquimatlán, from the State of Colima, Mexico.


There are still great interrogatives related to this field of work, as complex as life itself. But we know it works with reduced funds and a high percentage of positive results, and we also think that it can offer an alternative solution for urban, suburban or rural communities of this country.

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