A proposal of attention to Domestic Violence


How Do We Work?


Orientación Familiar Letechipía A. C. considers the attention of tour aspects:


1. - The attention to family parents

2. - The attention to the youth

3. - The attention to the adolescents

4. - The attention to the children



1. - Attention to Family Parents:


It contemplates specifically the Family Orientation: that aims especially to the domestic violence problems attention (receptors of violence, male violence, family conflicts, couple conflicts, infantile and maltreatment to the youth, dysfunction and family disintegration).


The Family Orientation is given in four levels: individuality, couple, family and group.


Individual Attention.-


In the first instance is attended the altered state of the persons that goes since stress, anxiety, anguish and depression in its different phases.


Couple Attention.-


Once we attended the person that had requested the service, whether the woman or the man according to the moment that is convenient to value, they invite to its couple to receive the attention and in this manner the conflicts that exist between them.


Family Attention.-


Generally when is attended in private to a person or the couple, subsequently the attention extend to all the family.


Group Attention.-


It consists in living weekly talks about themes related with the physiology (talks of health for the knowledge of the organs and systems that constitute the human body), the origin of the diseases and Family Orientation talks that does emphasis in subjects as the self esteem, the couple, the children, the fear, the suffering, problems identification, conflicts handling, among others.



2.- Attention to the Youth:


This aspect of Orientación Familiar Letechipía A. C. has as objective to attend the young men and women that due to their familiar, social and personal development conditions have done of them undecided, insecure beings with low self esteem that complicates tem to be related, to handle their emotions and to identify and to solve the problems that affect them, that consequently are in latent danger to be submerged or already suffer problems such as: low yield and school desertion, gangs, addictions, delinquency, sexual promiscuity, prostitution, abandonment of the family, etc.


It fits to mention that part of our efforts are directed to contain the problem of MIGRATION since in this part of the country as the majority of the States of the same one, due to the social economic conditions and cultural, young people, males above all, consider this as the better option to improve their life conditions, the emigration towards the United States of America.


The aspect of Attention to the Youth also develops in three levels:


Individual Attention.-


This is given with the attention of the health: equilibrium of the emotional state (stress, anxiety, anguish, depression).


Family Attention.-


One of the necessary considerations for the attention of young people is precisely to attend their family for the purpose of that they make themselves responsible and they participate in the attention of their children.


Group Attention.-


Orientación Familiar Letechipía A. C. considers necessary to cover the following aspects: orientation, education, qualification for the job, recreation, culture and sports, in order to contain the problems of emigration, school desertion and idle behaviors, among others.


Orientation: Once a week the group of young people participates in the group orientation talks related to problems and family situations, self esteem recovery, personal expectations, etc.


Education: We offer to the youth the opportunity to study and to conclude their basic education since alphabetization to secondary school.


Qualification: To prevent the emigration and to offer them greater labor expectations, we provide the training for the job.


Recreation: In this marginalized areas of the State of Colima, Mexico, the lack of recreational spaces for the youth contributes to the already existing problems as addictions, gangs, etc. For this reason Orientación Familiar Letechipía A. C. provides the adequate space that results attractive to them, where they can live together with people of its age, play board games, assist to social reunions, watch recreational and educative movies.


Culture: The lack of cultural events is another of the characteristics of the marginalized zones, for the youth this is an important lack in its motional development, for this reason we have promoted the access to work of theatre, live music festivals and visits to cultural centers.


Sports: We count with a gymnasium utilized every day according to the program of activities designed by them, this include the elimination of ideas and negative actions for their life.



3. - Attention to the Children:


It‘s to minors with specific conduct problems, sexual abuse, infantile prostitution, domestic violence receptors, among other problems.


The procedure for the children attention is the following one:



Individual Attention.-


It is attended, in the first instance, to the mother or the person that has requested the service, subsequently the minor is attended in an individual way.

Of equal way the minors are attended that has been canalized by other institutions, reiterating that the family parents will always assume the commitment of responding and to participate when is necessary.


Group Attention.-


The minor in incorporated to the group activities where are promoted hygiene habits, responsibility, respect, order, team work, solidarity, besides developing in them aptitudes and abilities through: projection of educational videos, projection of recreational movies, manual activities and the use of didactical material.


Family Attention.-


Once the parents and the minor are separately attended, they are reunited and attended as family in order to they be mutually supported and exceeds the conflicts that affects them.

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