A proposal of attention to Domestic Violence



The domestic or interfamilial violence has become in such a common term in our days that we have become very familiar with it. Consequently, knowing about events such as violence against women, mistreated children, sexual abuse, raping, abandonment and physical injuries, which usually leaves visible bodily marks, does not affect us anymore. Sometimes, moved by a morbid curiosity, we pay attention to these facts but only one minute later we have forgotten the subject.


We have lost the interest in the well-being of our fellow men and women.


Even worse, we want to believe that such violence lies only outside, that is lived only by others, those who are the headlines on a newspaper or television. Because it would greatly hurt us to discover that, perhaps, we have been living it since our childhood and today, being now the parents, we are repeating this behavior with our children and our mate in an unconscious, automatic, cruel and senseless way, because the domestic or interfamilial violence is just like this “senseless”.


Welcome to the Orientación Familiar Letechipía A.C. official web site, a nongovernmental and nonprofit organization whose main objective is to eliminate the Domestic Violence and the problems derived from it.


In this web site you will find all necessary information about our work, background and mission of this Association, as well as complementary information which can be of interest about the Domestic Violence.


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Jesús Letechipía Sánchez

President of Orientación Familiar Letechipía A.C.

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