A proposal of attention to Domestic Violence


Causes & Consequences of the Child Abuse


As we have mentioned before, violence towards childhood, due to its severity and implications that it produces to the entire society, requires of special mention the causes and consequence of the same. On the matter, Jaime Marcovich indicates the following statement in his book "El Maltrato a los Hijos" (Children Mistreatment):


Some causes of the attack from the parents to the children are:

1. The displacing of a conjugal conflict towards the child; it is less threatening to unload the wrath on a child that to direct it towards the spouse.


2. The intense frustration and the ambivalence of the parents before a child with physical or intellectual limitations.


3. The adoption of irrational and authoritarian attitudes, because the parents are or have been victims of this type of authority, in their own family or job.


4. The fear to lose the authority on the children, that is to say, a threat that the parents feel towards their own dignity and respect, mainly if there is an authoritarian parenthood that is watching how strict or efficient that particular parent is.


5. The feeling of failure and frustration that parents suffer when the child does not correspond to their own lean realistic expectations. In many of these cases the parents do not wish to destroy the child, but to obtain, by absurd means, the fulfillment of an ideal.


6. The sentimental wound that a parent feels when one of the children becomes more lovingly bounded to its couple. It occurs only along with a serious conjugal conflict.


7. The aggressiveness or destructiveness can be a result of impotence. Human beings who live without the possibility to transform and change their own life can feel impelled to influence their own world by any means, and not only being satisfied with the socio-economic reality conditions and manipulates them. If they feel impotent, if they cannot act constructively towards a better life, they suffer tremendously and then take attitudes of irrational authoritarianism, strain and sadism, within the family. They try to replace with aggression the impossibility of creating a productive relationship with other human beings. In these cases, the aggressive attitudes towards the children are the result of an unfruitful, noncreative and mutilated life. Thus, the parents get to turn their children into things, objects of their total dominion, trying to give sense to their own lives, and to undergo the feeling of capacity and power onto other human being. Many cases of attacked children are within this group (Foncerrada M.; Kitsu M.; Aguilar A. and others, Maltrato físico al Niño Monografía IMSS, 1971).


8. A particular group is that of parents which attacks their children because of jealousy. As nobody lavished good care and tenderness to them during their own childhood, it appears that they feel an intense resentment before the infant/child who demands or requires what they never received.


9. There is also the group of parents who never wished to have any children, who had them for ignorance or socio-cultural pressures. It forms another conglomerate of adults who abuse of their children.


10. Before the children/adolescent, force, freshness, bravery or the opportunities which they enjoy cause envy to the parents. Then, there appear devaluative attitudes, morals blackmails, manipulation of economical resources, and other measures of pseudo-discipline, that are not but the expression of the now mentioned envy, and the fear to lose control on the lineage, which is a variable of the fear to loneliness.



1. Permanent organic damages due to physical negligence.


2. A halt, delay or even regression in the development of the child.


3. A submission of the personality towards the family, which demands to the child not to be itself.


4. Before the threats from the family against the minor, this can counterattack on one or both parents, or brothers, and try to force the satisfaction of some of its needs.


5. Once attacked, the child can feel intensely threatened and distressed and, with the pass of the years, becomes a psychoneurotic with excessive tension, bad control of its moves, decompensation of its defenses and adaptive functions, and behavior disorganization in diverse degrees.

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