A proposal of attention to Domestic Violence


Causes of domestic violence

The Interfamilial Violence, seen from relative perspective of the pair relationship, has its departure point in the way in which both parts have managed their lives since they were young. If they have had a traditional education where the masculinity (patriarchy) is the predominant factor, obviously that the man will grow up thinking that he was born to command and the woman must be submissive and obedient (in his house). On the other hand, if they are developed within a family where the matriarchy has predominated the woman learns to command, to control and to manipulate (her family) and the man becomes the son of his pair, he is obedient, he hopes to attended in every way, and he depends on the decisions of the woman to act.


For those reasons, men and women look for relationships with compatible people, in order to be able to develop their roles originating a struggle for power, disguised with smooth and affective words. Having consolidated the relationship, it consequently begins to accentuate the dominion and control from one on the other, having the dissatisfaction of one or both members of the pair. It is here where dysfunction in the relationship clearly starts to be reflected, which in time leads to more visible acts of violence such as yelling, offenses and blows, but also, indifference, mocks, disdain, spacing and absence. All this are clear symptoms of interfamilial violence, which is disguised with justifications of a bad moment, fatigue, irritability, lack of money, alcoholism, among others arguments.


This dysfunction in the pair relationship is something that can appear in the first months of the relation or at medium term (five years or more). It is the detonator of all the other manifestations of interfamilial violence.


There exists another detonator which is when the person (man or woman) has been victim of interfamilial violence since childhood on the part of the parents. It is a very common situation in our days, due to the personal relationship, economical and job pressures the father has, and also the mother, as a result of the necessity to have higher incomes to be able to manage the family expenses. Situation that leads the parents to neglect the education of their children by not being able to find the sufficient time for healthy coexistence with the family, giving place to a dysfunctional relationship for the couple, parents and children; the children towards the parents, and between brothers. All this without considering other relatives possibly living in the same house: grandparents, uncles, cousins, etc., which are denominated as extended family.


Thus, the dysfunction in pair relationship gives place to the beginning of a cascade of the following enlisted manifestations of interfamilial violence:


Child abuse, youths with behavior problems, low scholastic efficiency, family disintegration, effects on health, injuries, work absenteeism, gangsterism, drug addictions (in children, youths and adults), management of suicidal ideas, attempts of suicide, sexual abuse, raping, infantile prostitution, teenage pregnancy, scholastic desertion, delinquency, sexual transmitted diseases, infantile delinquency.


The dysfunction in the pair relationship is the waiting room for intrafamilial violence.

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