A proposal of attention to Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence

How to understand the domestic violence?


The domestic violence has become a familiar and common concept that, however, we try to avoid while we make an effort to think that this does not happen in our own home. The domestic or interfamilial violence is something so intimate and secret, that we think nobody outside our family would notice it, since it happens from the door to inwards the house. Even though, any physical and emotional alterations, reflected by each member of the family, are evident for the good observer. It is enough with watching at the children, anxious and disobedient, or afraid and attentive to the glance of their parents. Thus, also the nervous laughter and the anxious or lost look of the woman-wife-mother, and the tense face muscles, accompanied by false amiability of the man-husband-father.


The governmental and nongovernmental organizations institutional statistics, manage that one of each three families (33%) in Mexico lives domestic violence. Basing on our fieldwork experience since 1989, in rural, urban, and urban-marginal communities, has allowed us to understand that reality surprisingly exceeds the labor based on polls and denounces, finding that those families in Mexico, and concretely in the State of Colima, live violence in at least one of its manifestations (physical, verbal, emotional, sexual or economical) in an alarming percentage of more than 85%, and this reality can be verified by paying attention to the neighboring homes, well-known families and our own relatives on an impartial and objective way, leaving aside the socio-economical and cultural level of the people.


The denial of this reality takes the members of a family to exceed the border of their home and infect the entire community. Being reflected as a social evil, pronounced in different forms such as:



- Familial dysfunction

- Child abuse

- Children with behavior problems

- Low scholastic efficiency

- Family disintegration

- Health effects

- Physical injuries

- Work absenteeism

- Gangsterism

- Drug addictions (in any stage)

- Handling of suicidal ideas

- Suicidal attempts

- Sexual abuse

- Raping

- Infantile prostitution

- Teenage pregnancy

- School desertion

- Delinquency

- Sexual transmitted diseases

- Infantile delinquency

- Homeless children



Orientación Familiar Letechipía A.C. departs from the importance of visualizing every member of a family as vulnerable individuals, who live the risk of suffering violence within their homes, putting aside the social stigmas of victims and aggressors, but establishing the need to take care of the family as a unit and offering the necessary elements to preserve the nucleus and to propitiate integration and family harmony as well.


But in order to continue with the subject of the intrafamilial violence is necessary to define this term.


The intrafamilial violence is:


"The use of violence in a constant, recurrent and cyclical way, or that happens three times or more, constituting a behavior model of a family member directed to another with the purpose of causing physical or psychological harm or to prevent their healthy psychosomatic development". [1]


"An array of attitudes or abusive behaviors of a family member towards another by trying to control the person, so this one acts according to its desires. Hence, this can jeopardize the survival, security or well-being of another member. All forms of interfamilial violence have something in common: they constitute an abuse of authority and confidence". [2]


In other words, the Interfamilial Violence is the cumulus of aggressive manifestations succeeded within a family where a person, based on the type of relationship with another or other people, emotionally attacks in a physical, economical, sexual and/or emotional way by means of blows, shouts, insults, threats, negligence, humiliations and all those manifested conducts with the intention, or not, to cause damage.


In the moment when somebody inside the family resorts to blows, verbal aggressions, or it stops fulfilling its duties and obligations in its daily dealing with the minors and adults of the house, it commits interfamilial violence. Therefore, it exists when a member of the family who by action and omission damages the life, in a physical, or even psychological way, and the freedom of any its members, affecting the development of personality. [3]






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