A proposal of attention to Domestic Violence


Types of vomestic violence



Produced by all those conducts and attitudes (scorns, humiliations, indifference, insults, threats, etc.) pronounced towards another member of the family who, independently of the intention whereupon is realized, damages its emotional stability.





It is characterized by the use of the physical force against another member of the family by who is known to exert an authority and generally surpasses the other in physical force. Its purpose is to control or to overcome, and in this manner, attempts to impose its authority or only to discharge its anger and/or frustrations on the victim. The physical violence is pronounced in different degrees, going from weak blows to even causing permanent injuries or death.





They are all those conducts or attitudes of sexual type directed towards another member of the family without its consent (including a minor as an aggressor), and who is generally under certain authority or in physically disadvantage (smaller children, wife, brothers), with the intention of obtaining some type of sexual allowance affecting the physical and psychosexual integrity of the attacked person.





Economical violence is considered as the limitation or negation of monetary resource. Preventing any member of the family from working when the nutritional obligations of the family is unfulfilled, the destruction or deprivation of the goods, waste of the financial goods of the family, etc.

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