A proposal of attention to Domestic Violence


Wich Are Our Basis?

Orientación Familiar Letechipía A.C. builds its basis in a reality and social necessity that has exceeded all those governmental and nongovernmental institutions, in spite of their good intentions: the domestic violence.


- We attend the neuralgic points of a family without breaking it, but respecting the individuality of its members.


- In order to present an efficient work, we have strategically focused our intervention in the prevention and attention of the domestic violence and the problems we know are derived from it such as: family dysfunction, child abuse, youths with behavior problems, low scholastic efficiency and desertion of children, family disintegration, teenage pregnancy, gangsterism, drug addictions, management of suicidal ideas and attempts of suicide, sexual abuse, infantile prostitution, delinquency, etc. To board these, it has been necessary, apart from the attention to the family, to provide attention individually to family parents, children, adolescents and youths, without forgetting the family dynamics. For that reason the attention has had a specific direction depending on the approached problem, who suffers and whom it affects.


- It takes as fundament the conception of family from the perspective of its reality. Understanding it as a space in which it is not possible to separate the biological/psychological elements from the social and the cultural ones.


- Jointly, it uses its own methodology of investigation-action that has been evolving since 1989, with family parents and their children of all ages in uniparental, nuclear and extensive families of the marginal communities of Colima, Villa de Álvarez and Coquimatlán from the State of Colima, Mexico.


- It is vital, for the individual, family and group attention, the use of the reflective method, created specifically for this kind of intervention within Orientación Familiar Letechipía A.C. Particularly based on the development of: autonomy, creativity, independence, responsibility, self-esteem, analysis, solidarity and to make easier the identification and problem solution.


- Taking as departure point the necessities detected in the field work conducted for more than 16 years in the State of Colima, Mexico.


- It is interested in areas never approached by those institutions in the social phenomenon of domestic violence, which is erroneously attributed to men as the only persons in charge and generators of this problematic.


- It considers the importance of the attention to men as human beings, who also lives violence, suffers depression and which mood affects the entire family.


- Orientación Familiar Letechipía A.C. departs from the importance of visualizing all the members of a family as vulnerable individuals, who are equally exposed or live violence within their homes, leaving aside social stigmas of victims and aggressors, and, at the same time, have the necessity to take care of the family as a unit and offers the elements to preserve the nucleus and to cause integration and harmony within the family.

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