A proposal of attention to Domestic Violence


How do we work?

Our ways of intervention are the following:


Orientación Familiar Letechipía A.C. considers the attention of three branches:


1.- Attention to parents

2.- Attention to youths

3.- Attention to children




1.- Attention to Parents:


It specifically contemplates the family orientation towards the attention of domestic violence issues (receptors of violence, masculine violence, family and pair conflicts, mistreat towards children and youths, family dysfunction and disintegration).


The familial orientation is given in four levels:


Individual Attention.-


Firstly, the altered state of the person is taken care of. The causes go from stress, anxiety, anguish and depression in their different phases.


Pair Attention.-


Once the person who has requested the service has been attended, being man or woman, according to the moment considered as convenient, an invitation for both members to receive the attention is extended to them. This way the existing conflicts among them are approached.


Familial Attention.-


Generally when the pair or a single person is attended in a particular way, this attention reaches the entire family.


Group Direction.-


It consists in weekly talks with subjects related to physiology (talks about health for the knowledge of the organs and systems that constitute the human body), the origin of diseases and talks about family direction which makes emphasis in subjects like the pair, self-steem, children, fear, suffering, identification of problems, conflict management, among others.



2.- Attention to youths:



This branch of Orientación Familiar Letechipía A.C. has as objective to attend the young men and women who, due to their conditions of personal, family and social development, have become insecure, uncertain beings, with low self-esteem. These factors bring them difficulties to establish relationships of any kind, to handle their emotions, and to identify and solve those problems which are affecting them. This can bring as consequence the latent risk to emotionally sink or to continue suffering problems such as: low scholastic efficiency and desertion, gangsterism, addictions (alcohol or drugs), delinquency, sexual promiscuity, prostitution, family desertion, etc.


It is convenient to mention that part of our efforts is directed to diminish the emigration towards the United States of America. This MIGRATION problem is perceived, in this parts of the country, as in most of its states is considered by young people (mainly men), as an option to improve their life conditions due to their social, cultural and economical conditions.



The branch of Attention to Youths is also developed in three levels:


Individual Attention.-


Concerning health attention: balance of the emotional state (stress, anxiety, distress, depression).


Familial Attention.-


One of the necessary considerations for the attention to youths is, precisely, the attention of their families so they take responsibility and participate in the process for their relatives.


Group Attention.-


Orientación Familiar Letechipía A.C. considers necessary to cover the following aspects: orientation, education, capacitation, recreation, culture and sports, in order to resist the emigration problems, scholastic desertion and unproductive conducts among others.


Direction: Once a week the group of youths participates in the talks of group orientation, related to problems and family situations, personal recovery of the self-esteem, expectations, etc.


Education: We offer to the youths the opportunity to attend and conclude their basic education from alphabetization to secondary school.


Capacitation: In order to prevent the emigration and to offer greater job expectations and opportunities, we provide office work training.


Recreation: In these marginal areas of the State of Colima, Mexico, the lack of recreational spaces directed to the youth contributes to the already existing problems like addictions, gangsterism, etc. Therefore Orientación Familiar Letechipía A.C. provides a suitable space, which also results attractive to them, where they can coexist with people of their age, to play games, have parties, reunions and exhibition of recreational and educational films.


Cultural: The lack of events of cultural nature is another characteristic of the marginal zones, which is an important deficiency for human emotional development. For this reason we have fomented the access to games, festivals with live music and visits to cultural centers.


Sports: The youths have at their disposal a gymnasium which is daily used according to a special program of activities designed for them. This contributes to the elimination of negative ideas and actions in their lives.



3.- Attention to children:


It is directed to minors with specific behavior problems, sexual abuse, infantile prostitution, receptors of domestic violence, among others.


The procedure for the attention to children is as follows:


Individual Attention.–


Firstly, the attention is directed to the mother or the person who has asked for the service, secondly the minor is individually attended. In the same way, those minors who have been canalized by other institutions are received, always insisting on the implicit responsibility their parents will assume by acquiring the commitment to go and participate whenever necessary.


Group Attention.-


The minors are incorporated to the group activities where are fomented to them: habits of hygiene, responsibility, respect, order, solidarity and team work, as well as the development in aptitudes and abilities through projection of educational videos, projection of recreational films, manual activities and the use of didactic material.


Familial Attention.-


Once separately attended, the parents and the minor are reunited and approached as family, in order to find mutual support to find a solution to the conflicts affecting them.

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