A proposal of attention to Domestic Violence


Who Are We

We are a team of organized people which, since 1989, has been working and developing a proposal of social attendance, specifically, to prevent and take care of the Domestic Violence and its consequences on an integral way, with the perspective of obtaining harmony and family solidarity.


We particularly direct our efforts towards the most unprotected sector of society, those who do not have at their reach the necessary economical and professional resources to solve issues related to their health, psychical state, pair conflicts and children with behavior problems.


Orientación Familiar Letechipía A.C. introduces a proposal aimed to all the people capable to appreciate the situation of families in their crude reality. Without justifying, apathetic and paternalist attitudes of institutions and organisms which, with good will, have tried to board the domestic violence problematic but, in their eagerness of efficiency, they have dismantled those families, pretending to solve the situation by means of separate attention of its members.


This Association is integrated by a Directive Council and a Monitoring Committee.



Directive Council

Jesús Letechipía Sánchez


Cinthya Letechipía


Ma. Guadalupe Radillo Carrillo



Monitoring Committee

Víctor Hugo Camarena Amador


Ma. Gloria Guerrero Vargas


Francisco Letechipía


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